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Who’d a-thunk? So hemp’s not just a hippie thing?

The Machinehead Chronicles


Bought 10 Acres of Land & Going Off Grid to Grow Hemp Crop in Colorado… Looking for Share Croppers!

By Pam Suggs4 hours ago1


By Kerry Hay10 hours ago0

Do you want to grow HEMP… Looking for sharecroppers! Make History! 2014

By Pam Suggsyesterday0

Industrial Hemp: Amendment 64 Allows First Major, Legal Hemp Grow In Nearly 60 Years In Colorado

By Pam Suggson Wednesday0

Influx Of New Hemp Bills Further Signifies America Is Turning A Corner On Marijuana

By Pam Suggson Wednesday0

Ron Paul: Ukraine aid bill is bad deal for all

By Pam Suggson Tuesday0

Growing restrictions gone: Industrial hemp retailers rejoice over the federal farm bill

By Pam Suggson Monday0

21 applicants in Colorado win approval to grow hemp

By Pam Suggson Monday0

Hemp aid: US considers buying industrial cannabis from Ukraine to bolster its economy

By Pam Suggson Monday1

Inmate Accused Of Sending Obama Threat To Wrong Address

By Pam…

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