I KNEW there was something DIFFERENT about me…

As I’ve been saying, hippies still come in all varieties.



In an interview, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was asked why people were drawn so crudely in his work. His answer, “I think people are generally crude; I don’t know many refined people.”

Imagine sharing Basquiat’s thoughts as an eight year old little girl.

Imagine that he could have possibly said those words the day I was born.

I am weird. I have known this for quite some time, possibly since I was eight years old. I was led to believe that I had to “fit in” and “be a certain way” or people “would talk about me”. The irony was I didn’t like most people.

When I was a kid, “fun” for me was finding a secluded place to wander off to, put a blanket down, look up at the sky, and make words out of the negative spaces between tree branches.

I still like doing that.

Told you I am…

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