Saturday hippie: Allen Ginsberg (with Timothy Leary and John C. Lilly, M.D.)

All kinds of folks shaped the movement.

By Philip H. Bailey via Wikimedia Commons
By Philip H. Bailey via Wikimedia Commons

Hillbilly Zen – Old Hippie

Add this to your Best Dog Tricks training.


Old Hippie

There is an old hippie who lives on a hill.

She’s been blessed by the heavens with acres to fill.

Stray critters all know they can come to her place

for a kind word, a cuddle, or to just feed their face.

They’re all loved and cared for above and beyond,

Some in the house, some the barn and the pond.

She’s all about critters and that seems to suit her,

but there’s not much room left now, so please….

Spay and Neuter!

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