Friday payday: Rolling up those sleeves

They wanted far more bookkeeping. We didn’t have enough time to get the paper out, but that didn’t faze them. They seemed to believe that managers shouldn’t have to do any productive work. No matter how much we wanted to agree with them, as it was, we didn’t have enough bodies to catch every mistake and sharpen all the diurnal copy. Our skills were needed on the front line. In the end, the only way to really evaluate a reporter’s work is to sit down and edit it. Are all the obvious questions answered? Is this written clearly and accurately? Is everything spelled correctly and the handling of grammar adequate? How about story organization? Are stories turned in on deadline? Is this reporter organized and original? Or full of cliches? Sitting there with stopwatches and scorecards would only blow our deadlines. But that didn’t correspond to the Management Consultants’ theories.

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