Saturday hippie: Silversmith and jeweler

Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings were prolific adornments, often the work of local craftsmen. Think, too, of large belt buckles or hat bands.

It’s one more element of the Hippie Trails saga.

Did you ever take up the craft? Know anyone who did? Have any special pieces in your collection? What do you remember most intensely?


Hippies came – and still come – in all varieties. Saturday Hippie is a weekly feature that highlights a counterculture awareness and spirit, including a vision of a harmonious global commonwealth on the horizon. The work and the lessons didn’t end in the ’60s and ’70s. Here’s to the Revolution, near and far.


1 thought on “Saturday hippie: Silversmith and jeweler”

  1. I still wear a beautiful turquoise ring handcrafted by a hippie silversmith friend of my husband. I always get compliments on it. I also still wear my bracelets and bangles. And I have two beautiful hand-tooled leather belts from my hippie days.

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