Saturday hippie: Posters

The big wall poster was another art form that came of age in the hippie outburst. Well, there were also real posters put up around town – think the Fillmore concerts.

It’s one more element of the Hippie Trails saga.

So what did you have on your walls? Or what was up at your friends’? Any favorites? What would you say about the selections? The places you were at the time?


Hippies came – and still come – in all varieties. Saturday Hippie is a weekly feature that highlights a counterculture awareness and spirit, including a vision of a harmonious global commonwealth on the horizon. The work and the lessons didn’t end in the ’60s and ’70s. Here’s to the Revolution, near and far.


1 thought on “Saturday hippie: Posters”

  1. Lately I’ve really been missing my black light posters. Strange. I had one of a castle and one of a condor flying through the sky. I also had a framed map of Narnia (that may still be here somewhere in the depths of the attic) and a poster of Etruscan musicians.

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