Big Inca

To: Bill 

From: The Boss

Date: May 22

Well, maybe you are.

First, memorize the instructions and the destroy the booklet. Same for all communications once you have them. Your initial assignment is as a field investigator. We’re evaluating about eight rather isolated, down-on-the-heels communities where we might pursue some of our enterprises without having intense scrutiny from outsiders. You’ll see what I mean once you arrive on site. There’s no need to come into Company headquarters at this point. Rather land yourself a run-down place to live and work, preferably close to downtown. Pose as a so-so student and then enroll part-time in the local college this autumn. Let me know when you’re set up.

For that matter, you’re not far off the mark. Pretty insightful. Pony Express, eh? Just wait till the horses arrive.


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