Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: August 10

When I returned from work, Valerie was in the apartment. This beautiful goddess of sunshine and smile had come up to visit Thor. I could not help but stay up and talk with her, rather than take my usual nap. Soon, we decided to smoke. Sunshine flowed in through the parlor window. I had never smoked marijuana alone with a girl – it had always been a ritual in a larger, usually male, circle. We listened to ancient French a cappella motets and madrigals, and kept laughing at their playful birds. We listened to Mozart and Beethoven, and she noticed my apologetic stance toward classical music. She insisted that I play more and even conduct. We stretched out together on the floor, in the giggling sunlight, and read art books. Earlier, as she sat upon the telephone throne and I on the floor, I had pressed the bare soles of my feet against hers. She was so beautiful in the afternoon. I wanted to screw her; I think she wanted the same. But then Thor knocked at the door.

Last night, for the first time, I was jealous of him. Not just envious.


The full Big Inca versus a New Pony Express Rider novel is yours at Thistle/Flinch editions.


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