Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: September 5

If you have none of your own, there’s something about brothers you can never quite fathom.

They are quite different, these two – Thor so quietly pensive; the other, Wolf Jester, wild and scattered; they are so different, these four, actually, for two more are still at home. They are quite different until somebody else came up to them. Growing up, they were always a two-man basketball team. They could probably beat the Boston Celtics. But the pros have already refused to play them, for good reason. After all, they are Viking brothers – and I’m learning all lot more about that heritage than I’d ever expected.

We could have started with Wolf Jester’s twentieth birthday party, which came right after the start of the new academic year:

Started with dancing on the second-story porches, at least a hundred-twenty guests, standing room only, Wolf Jester the smiling freak sitting in the middle of it all, radiating as no one likely ever radiated before, his long blonde curly bad-assed hair leaping out from under his red bandanna (like the one I have on now), his big smile and blue eyes the happiest image I have in my mind … surrounded by beautiful freaky girls dancing freely with angelically freaked out guys.

Joints and pipes and beer and wine and hot apple pies passed freely from one person to another. They just kept coming. Mona-Rose, my new Celtic hope, tells me I was really euphoric.

We were all there – Wolf Jester, Goat-man, Thor, Sloth, Mercedes, Mona, Hilda, and me – the core of this file.

The next night I was introduced to Mercedes. She is, in an Indian way, most beautiful. Almost fatally so. She has infectious life. A beguiling laugh. I met her at a hamster’s funeral. I have no idea how it died or, for that matter, how I got there. We buried it at midnight by the fork in the river. She claims to be Inca, the only one around.

The girls share an apartment. Mercedes, Mona, and Hilda moved a few weeks ago to a place a block down the street from Wolf Jester and me. They’re now our closest real neighbors.

I can see this is going to be a thick and challenging year.


For the full story, click here: BIG INCA


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