Big Inca

To: Bill

From: The Boss

Date: September 6

Little did we suspect when we targeted yrUBbury that we aren’t the only group with designs on this location. It seems the Inca are secretly at work here, too. At the moment, they may consist of just one, but don’t be fooled. You should have recognized the elements of witchcraft she employed – especially the black candle. I’m surprised she was as open about herself as she was. Maybe she has no idea about you, for the time being, at any rate.

I’m sending Fran and Manny in, for a couple of weeks now and then, in a few months, for a more permanent assignment. She’s a CPA and attorney. He brings an engineering background. They look like a couple, but they’re not – it just makes things easier. Give them the apartment over the store. Make them feel welcome. She’ll set up the books for the store and explain your new compensation package. If you must introduce them, say only “they’re old family friends” and leave it at that. Yes, the time’s come to get moving on our front at the store. Hire the Vikings if you want, start cleaning and painting. Manny will examine the lighting and things like that, in addition to taking a closer look at the mill complex. Fran wants to investigate the ownership questions. Did I mention she’s an antiques dealer?

So who’s this Mona?


The full Big Inca versus a New Pony Express Rider novel is yours at Thistle/Flinch editions.


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