Big Inca

To: Fran

From: Bill

Date: November 2

As you might imagine, there’s a lot to do at the office these days, even though right now it’s just me, without you and Manny. What, with the election and all, plus our Save Our Mills momentum. The historic calendars have arrived, and we can begin selling them. You’re right – they’re quite eye-catching. Put our message, ever so subtly, in front of the public, too.

Would you say, unofficially, ours is a geologic consulting firm, not that I know much about the field? Working in some kind of underground? Or trying to strike oil? I’m just the agent, right? Or the advance scout working out of a second-floor suite overlooking Congress Street? Yes, its’ still packed with used furniture and whatnots. I’m still looking for that storage space you suggested.

Here I am, assigned to yrUBbury and ordered to keep a low profile. Told to mingle, especially with the hip crowd. Get the youthful perspective. Tap their energy, something I would have done anyway, wherever I landed.


The full Big Inca versus a New Pony Express Rider novel is yours at Thistle/Flinch editions.


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