Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: December 17

That’s where the dinner party for five begins, in our cozy little slum. The twosomes of Wolf Jester and Mercedes, and Mona and Paul, really connecting – with me, the host, the odd man out. I had asked the girls to come. An intimate affair, a candlelight-and-wine dinner, the four of us. I hadn’t anticipated the fifth wheel, the surprise arrival that, more than anything else, initiated the conflict.

You’ll notice I’m filing two proposals today:

The first is EASING THE RAIN.


The terror of such nights, sleeping alone while in the next room while the girl who had appeared on the verge of becoming my next truly profound love so desperately yielded her virginity to the near-stranger I had just welcomed as my guest. We could be drafting a twentieth-century tragedy here.


The full Big Inca versus a New Pony Express Rider novel is yours at Thistle/Flinch editions.


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