Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: March 14 

Manny showed me and then said he consulted with Goat-man. Why doesn’t anyone talk to me before making these big decisions? Yes, it could use a lot of restoration, but once the electricity and water are turned back on, it could be used already. Assuming there’s heat.

Hilda’s latest: “Everybody talks about their problems. Very few people talk about what makes them happy.

“Take my little brother. He’s twelve. He’s retarded. And he’s very happy.”

Hilda gave up logic when the prof came in and announced, “We’re going to discuss infinity.”

“Oh, no we’re not. That would take forever.”

She explained: “Infinity is a fog into which we cannot see. Infinitely large or infinitely small, whichever: simply to be admired? Or simply the same thing?”

I thought she’d given up logic. Apparently not.

“Any number is a plurality of ones, if we can believe Aristotle. The infinite may, in part, be the whole.”

If you ask me, this doesn’t sound like an Aklya. If she is one, she’s most unorthodox.


All of the story continues by CLICKING HERE.


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