Big Inca

To: Bill

From: The Boss

Date: March 30

Last Sunday there were five of us in the apartment, including two Deadheads snoring in the parlor. All of them were Wolf Jester’s friends. I wanted to be alone. There were four fishermen down by the river. Mona loves to walk by the river. I had never seen her there, even though I often walk by the river, where the most incredible sunsets occur all through the winter. It’s a good place to get away from everything, even though it’s right off downtown. I’ve seen trout leaping there. Sunday, though, the streets were more crowded than usual. When the three of us finally had brunch, I was glad I wasn’t alone.

A rat crossed the glass-strewn path. Rats bite babies, zip along fast; skunks, just as dangerous, attack from the distance slowly. The rat dived for shelter under a rock. I took another step, heard a rustling through the weed stalks: another rat scurried to shelter. Another step, and I saw a tan tail and rump take the same path. And then a fourth. Fortunately, there are no snakes in winter.

We have a lot of work to do there, Boss.

Today, Mona and I, both enjoyed the walk along the river, especially my rap at the groundhog.


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