Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: April 2 

Thanks for the word about Wendy. It’s comforting to know the Company has the best interests of its employees at heart.

Mona worries that I lead a “schizoid existence.” She thinks I should get back in school “so you can meet those faces you talk to, once.” Then she admits that she meets people in the snack bar and then never sees them again. She says my hours are killing me, I’m always emotionally tired.

Wolf Jester seems always to be physically tired. His leg hurts or he has a cold – anything to get some motherly care, to escape the present.

I ate with Mona last night. Stockpot soup. Very homey good. And hot dogs. Clancy and Groundhog dropped in as we were listening to “The Reverend Cardinal Doctor Magpie.” I kept wanting to run. Groundhog and Clancy are looking for a new place to live. The Celts are roving. Groundhog needs room for his Herbcrafters meetings. “Wow, what a beautiful place this is! Can we have it?” He turned to Hilda, “I keep changing my mind about moving here.”

“Why don’t you change your mind again and take your two roommates with you?”

“This woodwork is fantastic.”

“I’m setting up my office in here,” he said, examining the privy.

“We’re moving in.”

“I don’t know. The vibes at Mercedes’ new place are much better.”

“Yeah, but that’s the best we’ve seen.”

Then they discovered Scribners’ Lane. To the landlord: “Can we take up the linoleum in the living room? I mean, is the wood in good shape? Wood floors are so nice.”

“I’m working in clay, I was wondering if I could put a wheel in there,” pointing to the third floor.

“Let’s put it this way, Housing Code says nobody can live there, so you can use it for ‘storage.’”


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