Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: April 3 

Imagine a circle. In the beginning – or at least, at a crucial point – Wolf Jester and I occupy that circle. Paul, too, when he first showed up.

Imagine a second circle. The girls – Mercedes, Mona, and Hilda – live there.

Imagine a third circle, where Groundhog and Clancy dwell.

And a fourth, where Goat-man, Thor, and Sloth reside. Which is where I was living when Wolf Jester and I decided to fly to our own nest.

If it helps, consider them as squares on a Monopoly board. Wolf Jester and I live in the Park Place of Slums. The girls are Boardwalk. Put the others where you will.

But this isn’t static. The circles slip. Wolf Jester and Mercedes go off on their own. Mona and Paul, another way. Hilda floats with them, briefly.


All of the story continues by CLICKING HERE.


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