Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: April 26 

Wolf Jester went up the elevator at his old high school and got out at the prairie. Had on a ten-gallon hat and a pistol. He was following Mercedes, who was going to a swim meet. She had taken an earlier elevator. He came up to a river, where the meet was. All the girls were swimming upstream. Wolf Jester hopped in, swimming downstream to a rock where a girl was sunning herself. He attacked her, she screamed, he started shouting at the other girls, all coming to her rescue. Finally, he jumped in the water but the girl grabbed his leg and he fell flat on his face. She wouldn’t let go. He struggled, hit her in the face … Finally, he grabbed a rock and smashed her hand. His gun had fallen into the water. He escaped as Mercedes swam quickly in pursuit, gaining on him. They swam through rapids. He climbed from the water and ran to his horse, which the other girls had surrounded. They held rifles.

The Inca pursued him.

What’s with the Inca?


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