Big Inca

To: Manny

From: Bill

Date: May 6 

I’ve received a battered manila envelope from the Boss. According to him:

“Mercedes’ great-grandfather was named Manco Capac. He was a man with no home, no town or country, nor fields … no fortress, castle, or ancient kin. Then he married the woman whose descendants include your friend.

“Mercedes’ great-great-grandmother, Mama Huaco, was a great idolater and a witch who talked to the devils in hell … and with this she deceived the Indians of Cuzco … and so she was obeyed and served and called Queen, until the military coup ran her out. Nobody knows where she went from there. Some people say Miami. Others say Puerto Rico or Spanish Harlem. Maybe she died in the jungle. We doubt it.”

I could hardly believe what I was reading. This is getting quite serious.

“Mama Huaco was a descendant of the Ninth Inca King, Pachakuti – means ‘cataclysm’ – who knocked off his brother, Urco, and his father, Viracocha. He married his sister, Mama Anachuarque – being the first to adopt such incest – to cut down rival claims to the throne. The official explanation is that no other women were good enough; no other woman was as royal as his sister.”

So the Inca WAS King! I didn’t know whether I should warn my best friend of the danger he faced or keep still. If I spoke to him, he’d no doubt speak to her, and that would blow my cover. I decided to keep a careful eye on them instead. I went to my typewriter and, using Code 73-BA, informed our Boss of my decision. It was another routine matter.

He says, “Keep the Inca away from our cheeseworks. Understand?”


For the full story, click here: BIG INCA


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