Big Inca

To: Bill

From: The Boss

Date: July 29

Learn from the spider. Its tenacity and ability to hide.

The side it reveals about the mayor, too.

As for the mills, I’m not interested in them because they’re old or quaint, though that can be a recruiting point when we’re hiring for our laboratory and new enterprises. No, I’m interested in the mills for their vibes. Have you ever walked through those chambers and felt the energy? There’s something lingering in the walls and floors, an overlapping presence of people from the past. There should be a nurturing sense of patient labor – the rolling belts and clacking machinery, too – all one step at a time, as endless as the river.

That’s a sense of history, too. I suppose. But you’ll never feel this in an assembly-line factory.

If we’re going to get quality productivity, we need the right setting.

That’s what the I Ching reminds me.


For the full story, click here: BIG INCA


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