Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: August 13 

I’m watching a lot of building materials arrive and disappear in the process.

I’m minding the store.

I’m buying up old houses and apartments and arranging for repairs.

I’m spending a lot of nights at the Opera House.

I’m studying your maps.

I answer the phones and I smile.

I’m reading the newspaper daily and clipping the local stories, which I file.

I order photos and archive.

I’m sinking some roots in this community. Attend meetings. Donate to children’s causes.

I run errands for Manny, as needed.

I’m in good physical shape, thanks to all the swimming.

No wonder I’m feeling exhausted.

These days I’m doing far more for the Present Company than I am for myself.

Last night, the faces of Lizard Lady and Wendy merged into a pink and green schizoid-art cat. I got the shivers. Let it explode. I want to cry, am unable, and become whiny instead. Mona is mentally faraway. Hilda’s on her own bad trip. I seldom see my roommate. Lizard Lady is trying to fuck with my head. Nvr is never there. As the beard and hair grow, I appear stranger and stranger, like a Near Eastern mystic.

I’m homesick for someplace I’ve never been. Somebody, hang on, please?


For the full story, click here: BIG INCA


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