Of course money’s emotional!

When we deal with money, we draw on many deeply buried, rarely examined assumptions. While economics, the “dismal science,” assumes that we make rational decisions and apply openly available information, our personal actions more likely spring from habits, dreams, aspirations, or impulse motivations. Most of our money practices are so deeply ingrained we have no clue where they originate.

Just feel what wells up inside of you when someone or something trips up your usual patterns here. An unexpected bill, for instance.

And just look what happens when you get involved in a relationship with someone else — someone who operates on a much different set of unexamined assumptions.

As a participant in one of my money workshops said, “It’s like I already have this committee arguing inside my head, and now we have two committees contradicting each other.”

And just what do kids learn from parents like that? No wonder we’re messed up?

For another perspective, just listen to slang — especially the hidden emotions.

Take a moment to list some familiar phrases, quotations, and slang terms for money and wealth. These fragments are unconsciously embedded in the way we handle our money. Over the coming days, continue to jot down more as they come to mind. Include advice you’ve received over the years.

As these accumulate, what images are presented? Is there a consistent message? Or are they all conflicted?


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