Get real with the money stuff

This thing we call money is about a lot more than dollars and cents. It’s way too emotional to be confined to the frosty jargon of economists, bankers, and brokers. And it’s too seductive to be left unexamined in the pitches of advertisers, auctioneers, peddlers, and car dealers.

In the broad view, money is about time — your time, especially. And labor. And possessions, wealth, power, relationships, dreams, even successes and heartbreaks. Budgets, bank accounts, and taxes are only part of the field.

As for monetary policy, Wall Street, or international trade — the stuff of the Business pages of the newspaper? Personally, that’s not where the action is. Ours starts at home and the places we work, shop, even study, play, and worship.

Sound reasonable to you?


Do any of your New Year’s resolutions involve money?

When the Chicken Farmer’s Talking Money category first appeared back in 2014, it was pretty much chapters from a draft of a study guide I’d prepared from discussion groups I’d been involved with.

Great stuff, except that what I now see is that most of the posts in that original run were simply too long. Remember, they were envisioned as book chapters, and frankly few of us have the time for that when we’re online. Besides, I’ve learned a lot about blogging since then.

So the project’s back in an encore run. This time, I promise, each entry will be snappy, focused on a point of the day. Hope it gives you more opportunity to reflect and weigh in.

Remember, unlike most personal finance columns, I’m not selling anything. This is all free of charge, based on work done with other dedicated folks along the way.

New posts will appear Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Please stand by, as they used to say in the golden age of radio. Now, let’s see what we bring to light.

Care to share any of your resolutions with the rest of us? Do any of them involve money or related issues such as time or labor?