A few helps in navigating this money maze

The exercises you’ve already done here should you give you a taste for what’s ahead.

You’ve seen that some of these require you to do some very personal work. It’s about your encounter with money issues, pro and con.

You may decide, of course, to read this beginning to end, as you would any book. Make it an encounter just for yourself. In effect, you’ll enter a dialogue with yourself as you go, even though many of the answers will be found deep within you.

A second step is to have a notebook by your side. Each time you come across a set of questions, take a few minutes to reflect. Then jot down your thoughts before continuing with your reading. As your notebook pages come together, so will your personal Money Journal or Money Autobiography.

A third step involved involves commenting on this blog. One thing I’ve learned as a blogger is that the readers’ comments are often better than the post that prompted them.

My own experience tackling these issues leads me to say that talking confidentially can be especially rewarding. First, they can keep you on track … and honest with yourself. And second, they can vastly enlarge the scope of your vision. They’ll bring up things you haven’t seen right in front of you.

You can do this one-on-one with a “money-buddy,” someone who will share reactions and memories as you both weave through the presentations. This approach is somewhat like playing see-saw or working an old-fashioned two-man saw; along the way, you’ll discover and appreciate sides of each other you hadn’t suspected.

Or you may use this as the foundation for group discussion. Voicing your thoughts in a trusted circle enhances your growth — and theirs. One person’s expression can set free another’s buried recollection, or cause someone to ask, “Is that so?” in a way that opens new comprehension.

Remember, this is a personal journey that will guide you in choosing how you want to better use your own money, time, possessions, and wealth. You may be quite surprised to learn you’re not alone in confronting and resolving these issues.

How’s that little notebook coming? The one where you’re recording all of the places your money is going? Any surprises? And anything you want to keep secret?


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