Sometimes money becomes an amusement park

As you’ve pondered these questions so far, have there been any times your emotions took off like a roller coaster? I seen this happen while leading a discussion group. One comment and the room turns into a Coney Island of feelings.

Pay attention to notice when a question or its answer has you becoming tense or morose, as well as those that have you feeling joyful or optimistic.

In a discussion circle, be alert for twists when the energy level sags, and when it bursts at the seams. These, too, can be clues to emotions.

How quickly the almighty dollar appears at the crossroads of daily rounds! How many tokens do you need to ride the Yankee Cannonball? How many for the Big Pirate Ship?

By the way, I have learned how much fun it can be to scream at the right moment. That first plunge downward is one. It’s always a great group experience. Would it work in these discussions?

In these money workshops, I’ve seen a startling variety in backgrounds, memories, and ambitions. This was the first time some participants ever candidly voiced theirs aloud — an important step in gaining control over money, rather than letting it control you.

Incidentally, I’m not so sure that revealing your incomes within a discussion circle is a good idea. For one thing, getting into some of our topics is difficult enough. Comparing paychecks can erect barriers we simply don’t need. Some privacy, after all, remains essential as a matter of simple respect.

Even so, if you really want to be courageous, have people who are emotionally close to you — your spouse, children, parents, or best friends — evaluate you to see how closely your perceptions and theirs match or diverge. In other words, how honest are you being here?

When’s the last time you wanted to scream about money?

Would winning the Megabucks count?

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