Relationships are at the heart of religion

I talk about religion a lot, often because I am asked to or I am asked questions about religion. For a number of years, even after my conversion and after I became serious about practicing the faith, I hesitated to call myself religious. It seemed to have so many negative connotations for others and even […]

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Listen to the roar

I’ve seen much political debate on social media over the past three weeks. You see, we are in a Presidential election year, and for some reason, this ignites the country, oftentimes to division. This person or that. This party or that. Bipartisan stuff sure to keep nothing from being done. A lot said, but seemingly […]

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Drawing inspiration: Ruins & Relics & Creative Writing

Love the idea. Find using visual prompts, including collages and photos, often helpful

Creative Writing Studies

Niyousha writes: Remember when Gabriel Garcia Marquez said in an interview with The Paris Review that “in the genesis of all my books there’s always an image?”

Well, that probably strikes home with a lot of writers. Images bring stories with them. They can spark a wealth of ideas in moments of total creative despair – whether for a work of fiction or research.

researching-creative-writingThe cover of the books in our Creative Writing Studies series all feature images from Rika Newcombe’s ‘Ruins and Relics’ gallery. Our most recent title, Researching Creative Writing (Jen Webb), uses No. 4 from Rika’s gallery.

Aside from being attractive art, maybe the series’ covers can kickstart your creative process today?

You can browse Rika’s full gallery here.

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balancing act

And the beat goes on …

Picturing Metaphor

new peace symbol - April 17, 2014pm

I designed the image above because I wanted a new peace symbol…

My idea was to give some balance to the now-familiar peace symbol created by Gerald Holtom in 1958.

I’ve “doubled” the old symbol, so that the top half is equal to the bottom half…

Also, for balance, I’ve alternated black with white.

As I see it, if we’re going to have peace, we first need to balance the opposing forces within ourselves, within our world.

2014, Michael R. Patton

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