Local attractions

There’s much to explore within a few hours’ drive of the Chicken Farmer’s landmark boulder. The six-state New England region (and a sliver of neighboring New York I’ll include as well) presents mountains and pristine lakes, breathtaking autumn foliage and historic mill-lined industrial rivers, Yankee dairy farms and rugged Atlantic shoreline enhanced by lighthouses and whales — all of them reflected here.

You might even see this blog as a virtual antiques store or used-book barn or even an eccentric flea market. There’s plenty to poke through in these roadside traditions.

Among the routes you might follow on this map are these:

  • My novel Big Inca versus a New Pony Express Rider as it unfolds in a rundown mill town that could easily be just over the hill from the Chicken Farmer. Its central character, Bill, straight out of college, has no idea what he’s facing. Let’s just say it’s a wild ride.
  • Talking money takes a personal look at what’s not taught in traditional economics, business, and financial classes. The discussion includes workbook exercises for individuals, families, or groups to use in probing the emotional, practical, and even theological dimensions of wealth, labor, possessions, spending, and time. Many people have found its materials to be liberating when it comes to household budgeting and spending as well as career and lifestyle directions. It’s what’s too often missing from public awareness in our political and group decision-making, too.
  • New England spirit examines qualities that make the American Northeast’s character unique. One highlight in this category is a set of photo slideshows and related essays reflecting the region’s famed autumn foliage.
  • Hippie revolution looks beyond the mass-media stereotypes of a youth movement that changed the world, pro and con. Its influence continues in many streams, including efforts for peace and nonviolence, racial and sexual equality, environmental and sustainable economics, natural and organic foods, outdoors recreation, yoga and other spiritual practices, grassroots community organization, mellow music and dress, and more.

In the archived rotation of features you’ll also find these:

  • Monday Eye, often a photo slide show but sometimes just a single shot.
  • Tuesday Q, considerations of romance and relationships through the lenses of my novel Promise.
  • Wednesday Writer profiles of people who work seriously with words.
  • Thursday Money Talks, in an encore edition.
  • Friday Payday, with its Dilbert-on-steroids office.
  • Saturday Hippie, moving from celebrities to everyday people who have embodied the movement, one way or another.

Feel welcome to weigh in as we go. Lend a hand, too, if you want — especially with those fresh eggs and chicken dinners.



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