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CHICKEN FARMER evolved out of my primary blog, Jnana’s Red Barn, a merry-go-round of arts and literature, nature and the outdoors, public affairs, home and garden, spirituality and history, photos, and more. Unlike the barn, the initial intent for the Chicken Farmer was to feature several book-length series, and since then the focus has ranged the field. It’s returning to the original consideration of money, wealth, and related issues from down-to-earth gut perspectives — things the financial advisers, bankers, and economists never acknowledge.

You’re also welcome to peruse and comment at my other sites:

  • As Light Is Sown┬áconcentrates on Quaker spirituality and interfaith dialog. Born in the political and economic upheaval of mid-1600s Britain, the Religious Society of Friends created a radical, alternative Christianity that continues to challenge the surrounding world. Here are my personal perspectives on faith.
  • Orphan George┬áhouses my genealogical findings. It centers on the ancestry and descendants of George Hodgson, who arrived in Philadelphia as an orphan and settled in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina in the 1750s. I also examine related maternal lines, including my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage in Ohio. In addition, the site includes the most complete biography yet of Robert Hodgson, an early Quaker minister who settled in Colonial Rhode Island after being harshly persecuted in New Amsterdam and opening the way for religious toleration in the New World.
  • Thistle Finch is a free bookstore of my own poetry, fiction, and related work. The private imprint offers original ebooks in PDF editions for downloading to your own computer or printing out on paper, if you desire.


In addition, my novels are available as ebooks at

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