Big Inca

To: Bill

From: Manny

Date: April 21

Don’t tell the Boss, but the Inca really are the best stonebuilders. With them, there’s no need for mortar. It all fits together like a glove. Nothing leaks through their seams.

It’s most impressive.


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Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: March 7 

We’ve had a stroke of incredibly good luck. An Amishman showed up a week ago and told of us he has a design for a vastly improved water turbine. We made an offer, plan to test it, and expect to find it’s even better than he’s led us to believe.

According to him, you can run just about anything on waterpower that you can run on compressed air, which he says is what they use back on the farm. Furthermore, according to him, you can run just about anything on compressed air that you can run on electricity, except the lights. So we may be onto something really big here.


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Mill in motion

Even with only seven of these historic looms in action while all of the belts were running from the shaft overhead, the noise was deafening. How did the workforce ever survive? Forget any sense of quaintness you may be getting from the novel — and that’s before we get into the textile fibers the mill girls were inhaling and all the health problems that followed.

Still, it’s an impressive sight — filled with impressive technological breakthroughs.

Boott Mill, Lowell, Massachusetts