Wednesday writer: Marilynn Carter

Marilyn Carter
Marilynn Carter

NAME: Marilynn Carter.

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Massachusetts.

CURRENT BASE: New Hampshire.

FIELDS: Cooking, wholistic health, teaching, energy practitioner.

NEWEST BOOK: No Fret Cooking, self-published at Maat Publishing available at and . The second edition is available through us, although the first edition can still be purchased on Amazon but will go away when the second edition is available on Amazon. Also, copies can be found at Bestsellers Cafe, Medford, Mass.; Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord, N.H.; Laurel Mae’s Cottage, Rochester, N.H.; Emergy Farm, Dover/Durham, N.H.; White Birch Books, Conway, N.H.; Big Blue Marble, Philadelphia.


My purpose for writing is to bring awareness through sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn to help others on their health and wellness journey. Often there is conflicting information, which can be overwhelming and confusing, so my goal is to share from personal experiences. As each person is unique, I stress the importance that each person knows who they are and their own body. It is important to take into account all information as opposed to following the latest fads to best decide what is best for them.

Early bird or night owl?

I am not a person who fits into only one end of the spectrum, although my preference is not for the early hours but when needed can be.


I would classify myself as a compassionate hippie. Most people are attracted to me for their ease in being able to talk easily about themselves.

City or country?

Although I have an appreciation for the country and love living so near the ocean which calls to me, I do consider myself a city person. I love the diversity of people, architecture, arts, variety of foods, and being able to easily get places.


My work has been primarily people-oriented in variety of settings: from medical, both traditional as well as alternative, to working and cooking at a B&B; and from human resources to hosting students from foreign countries for 5 years. — all environments where people feel comfortable and safe talking with me. My experiences as well as others influence my wanting to share and help others. I collect life’s lessons.

How do you set about writing?

Guess working through things in bed in the middle of the night. Yes, my office space has a window but I don’t often look out. I have lots of projects, so I tend to collect paper and at times it can be distracting but once I set my mind to write, it flows as it’s mostly experiential.

Travel preferences?

I have been fortunate to travel lots. I love variety. A favorite spot is the ocean for short day/evening getaways and inspiration to reflect and write. Mountains, for spiritual places known as energy centers like Redwood forests and Mount Shasta. For fun, Disney works once or twice. No interest in Vegas. Alaskan cruise for long summer days, glaciers, Northern lights, and its quite pristine beauty. Europe for its rich history. Costa Rica for rain forests, food and the people.

What would you change if you could?

The use of chemicals and pesticides without thought of hazards to people, animals, and environment. A chemical free world, no war, and love for all.

A favorite bliss?

Self-care, energy work, meditate, cook, listen to music, play. Life is magical as well as mystical. Look for signs and ask for guidance. Life is full of bliss. I am very socially conscious about the environment and what’s happening to it, our food, air, water, and our health.

I enjoy cooking using organic, local, fresh, healthy ingredients without preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors, GMO’s. Style basic, using what I have, color, and intuition. Something warm with herbs, spices, and colorful vegetables. I enjoy a wide variety of foods. Preference is vegetarian, anything spicy, and, of course, dark chocolate. Do not like pork, tongue, okra, or coffee. Tea or plain water with lemon or lime. As I am chemically sensitive I am not a big alcohol drinker but have preferences on occasion.

Favorite color?

Like them all but not so much brown or pink.

Describe your significant other in one word or phrase.

Intelligent, talented, awesome!!!

What is something you like about your appearance? 

Like the color of my eyes.

Favorite age?

Lots of wonderful years.

Writing perspectives? 

Don’t create characters, write about real people.

I read for enjoyment, relaxation, inspiration, learning. I may not read all genres but believe everyone has a right to tell their story as there will always be an audience for that person’s writing.

Lots of great writers. For my current work I like Dan Millman for his focus on numerology focus and spiritual journey and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, given to me by one of my students from Brazil.

I like to hear people’s stories, so am always curious about what brought them to the place they are now. Gratitude for all of the spiritual guidance and gifts I have received on my journey through life.

How many cookbooks can you name that encourage you to hum along?

How many cookbooks can you name that encourage you to hum along? The two CDs of jazz guitar fit the mood perfectly.

We’re naming this the Chicken Farmer’s Official Cookbook. The recipes are tasty, simple, direct, and — an added plus for the cook — each one gets its own page (no need to flip back and forth when your hands are already full). Now, dig in and settle the folks around the table …


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