As the sign says, ‘Hippies use side door’

Cavendish, Vermont
Cavendish, Vermont

how to become a buddhist hippie runner in 29 easy steps

Look at all these ways to Revive the Vibe!

what would henry do?

  1. Don’t give a fuck.
  2. Learn proper form.
  3. Drink wheatgrass and/or other green foods.
  4. Go meatless.
  5. Grow long hair and/or a beard.
  6. Find the right shoes.
  7. Or no shoes.
  8. Leave your technology at home.
  9. Lose the Lycra.
  10. Run when you feel like it.
  11. Take naps.
  12. Drink a shit-ton of clean water.
  13. Meditate.
  14. Get a roller. Not that kind of roller. The foam kind.
  15. Get naked.
  16. Down with coffee, up with green tea.
  17. Take a sauna.
  18. Find your drishti.
  19. Eat less, run more.
  20. Work less, run more.
  21. Maintain creative indifference.
  22. Maintain creative fidelity.
  23. It’s OK to walk.
  24. Think like a child.
  25. Stand up.
  26. Do something else.
  27. Lose your boss.
  28. Take your time.
  29. Relax. Breathe. Have fun. This is your Original State.

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Take your seat

“If you want to kill any idea in the world, get a committee working on it.” – Charles F. Kettering

CF Kettering

*   *   *

It’s not that Kettering didn’t recognize the value of working together – his initial fame, after all, came through the Barn House Gang and its long list of breakthroughs. Much of his career, after all, involved getting teams of scientists and engineers to look beyond commonly accepted “answers” and assumptions. For him, progress means rejecting the status quo, challenging what’s being taught, and taking risks. There’s nothing conservative here, either. In his objection to committees I sense an opposition to what in political science has been called the Tyranny of the Majority, or even the out-and-out inertia of human society until it’s forced to move on.

For another perspective, I look at our Quaker decision-making, in which a vote is never taken, requires unity of the participants. It goes way beyond majority rule, for it also recognizes that the one individual who is at odds with the rest of us may be closer to sensing the course we’re really meant to take. This may even lead to a much better third way, which neither side had been aware of until we opened ourselves to the possibilities.

Committees? You’re talking to a Lone Ranger who’s learned he doesn’t know everything. Learned the hard way and wised up.