Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: January 14 

Definitely. You should see the progress on Mill No. 2, too. Manny got the window replacements in and the roofing in shape before winter set in, so all of the work since has been largely interior. I toured it today and am impressed.


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This could have been something Bill was encountering in the story.

Big Inca

To: Bill

From: The Boss

Date: January 7

With the operation running smoothly and the next round of renovations moving along, this is a good time to do some deep thinking.

For example, consider migration. Exports and imports. And consumers. Put them all together, as shoppers.

Play to the universal unhappiness, with a promise that a good will bring comfort. Just don’t get caught up in that psychology yourself.

Remember, planning pays off, especially when it comes to dicing and chopping, blending and mending, and condensing and extending. You can make a little bit go a long, long way.


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how to become a buddhist hippie runner in 29 easy steps

Look at all these ways to Revive the Vibe!

what would henry do?

  1. Don’t give a fuck.
  2. Learn proper form.
  3. Drink wheatgrass and/or other green foods.
  4. Go meatless.
  5. Grow long hair and/or a beard.
  6. Find the right shoes.
  7. Or no shoes.
  8. Leave your technology at home.
  9. Lose the Lycra.
  10. Run when you feel like it.
  11. Take naps.
  12. Drink a shit-ton of clean water.
  13. Meditate.
  14. Get a roller. Not that kind of roller. The foam kind.
  15. Get naked.
  16. Down with coffee, up with green tea.
  17. Take a sauna.
  18. Find your drishti.
  19. Eat less, run more.
  20. Work less, run more.
  21. Maintain creative indifference.
  22. Maintain creative fidelity.
  23. It’s OK to walk.
  24. Think like a child.
  25. Stand up.
  26. Do something else.
  27. Lose your boss.
  28. Take your time.
  29. Relax. Breathe. Have fun. This is your Original State.

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