Regular Mechanic

The Ace O’Spades says I’m shackled

to Black & Decker perfection.

Even though I’m finally engaged again

I’m zippered in fine-toothed doubt.


I’m not overly dripping cautious.

No matter what, I’m still not ready

to plant the damn tulips.

So what if I’ve been fired from a cannon

in Betty Boop’s bed?


I don’t demand special attention

unless I’ve been overworked oil.

See, I’m just cowboy-hat middle-age bitter.


Teri quibbles when I sort out coyote motions

but Ace discloses I’ve jitterbugged into

this compression regression transmission,


that I’m known for crooning “Doona Loona”

over joints and valves

and downing gallons of lemonade estrangement.


Yet when I build a bonfire, sweetheart,

I’m not cool tunes made in the U.S.A.

Sometimes, in fact, it’s been dotted-

snake-stripe wallpaper torn from the trailer.

Poem copyright 2017 by Jnana Hodson.
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Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Consignment-Shop Owner

You heard I’m not old money

but shrewdly investigate

skimming beehive pockets.


No Louisa May Alcott of an aeroplane

or purple-winged


revving in trendy lavender

on raked sand

fits me.


The porpoise motion, though, skirts another matter

imploring me to reevaluate my standards.


Hard times are good times, if you know what I mean.

There’s no need for me to sing a silky Hosanna.


No matter what, I’d procrastinate

snapping those cocoa garters

between needlepoint window dressings.


Though you don’t look denim destitute

you’d be wise to pick up your check

before I find a new clique where I click

rather than play mocha horsy.


In the meantime, I’ll leave you hanging.

I’m really just a beer-and-pretzels kind of gal.

Poem copyright 2017 by Jnana Hodson.
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1692 Kimball Tavern, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

House Guests


Made love, and made love.

Sweet wine, candlelight twilight.

Mattress on the floor.


“Don’t you have any games? Even a deck of cards?”

This time, I carry my own.


“You’re getting upset!” To him.

“You’re changing the rules!” He replies.


Look, all my Middle Eastern friends

cheat at cards, expecting everyone else

to venture the same – it’s just part of their game.

Cheating, eh? Maybe.


Wow! You’ve really read all these books?

I said, hoping to open his secret pages.


“So I’m going to a baby shower

you’ll never guess who for.”

Poem copyright 2017 by Jnana Hodson.
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Mountain laurel.

Memo to self: It’s time to go back

We visited Lowell, Massachusetts, last summer and toured the national park that preserved its historic mills and canals. It was a delightful day that also included some first-class cheap eats – the Viet Thai restaurant and Sowy’s Hispanic bakery, both on Merrimack Street near City Hall are delightful.

If you’ve been wondering about the location of the photos accompanying the Big Inca postings the past month and a half, they’re mostly from that outing. I could have shot much, much more if I weren’t trying to observe things through my own eyes first.

Our highlight was a boat tour that took us through a working canal lock, raising us to the level of the Merrimack River on the other side of the gate. That leisurely route took us out on the river above the dam and falls and then back to downtown – a 90-minute excursion in all. Think of it as an American industrial Venice.

This time we intend to hit a couple of museums that aren’t part of the park – including the National Textiles Museum, which houses many of the famed calicos made in our own city, and the streetcar museum (after all, the streetcar is also a legendary sandwich in my newest novel, What’s Left.)

Another draw, if you’re interested, is the huge folk festival every summer. And there’s always the Jack Kerouac trail for devoted readers.

Now, to view the trip though the canal lock, just click on the photos for the big view.

Big Inca

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: May 30 

Mona’s latest letter ended, KEEP IN TOUCH.

Of course, she hasn’t.

The Celts have set sail, bound for Paul’s sister’s. They decided she’ll marry Clancy. It seems to be the only way to cheer him.

I’ve moved into Hilda’s old apartment.

Reading piles up around my bed.

The damn cat, Whipply Sniplash, just jumped out Hilda’s window and ran away. How dumb!

Away, away. They’re all getting away. Maybe just for the summer. Maybe forever.

All I have are these leftover references. Or leftover romances.

And the whole damn mill town to manage.

Be serious, neighbors.

Remember, there’s more than one way of paying your dues. You must be prepared. Learn how to fix a flat tire. Keep in touch.


For the full story, click here: BIG INCA.

This could have been something Bill was encountering.

Big Inca

This could have been something Bill was encountering.

To: The Boss

From: Bill

Date: May 20 

I dunno, but it’s hot.

By the way, she’s back, and her spaghetti sauce is lots of hot peppers with a few tomatoes and spiced so far out of this world that even Mercedes the Inca from Puerto Rico wound up panting for her life. The Inca influence is contagious. I’m getting quite concerned. It’s a monopoly, indeed.

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