Big Inca

To: Bill

From: Manny

Date: February 20

That’s only for peons. Everything was different for the rulers. People like Big Inca. The ones making and enforcing the rules.

Somehow, it all becomes political. And then religious.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.


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No winter here, not this year

Yes, the early forecasts have predicted a heavy snow season here in New England, but we’re going to try to ignore that here at the Chicken Farm. As far as the daily photo postings go, I’m declaring 12 months of summer.

The decision started over at my primary blog, Jnana’s Red Barn, which this year is featuring an example of Dover’s architectural history every Wednesday. As that project takes shape, so does a resolve to post additional samples here at the Chicken Farm. In reviewing my collected photographs, I realize they’ve all come from warm weather strolls. If I were truly ambitious, I’d return to the scene so that snow or fall foliage would be present to match the date of the posting. But it’s hard getting around a New England city when sidewalks are buried under three feet of snow for months on end or there’s no place to pull over on the side of the road, thanks to the snow banks. Besides, your fingers quickly freeze holding the camera. So here we are.

In continuing to plan for the new year, I feel additional scenes from across New England would fit into the emerging theme. Again, though, they’ve been shot in the summer. Maybe in the depth of winter, they’ll inspire us to look ahead with hope.


You may have already noticed a shift in contents here at the Chicken Farm. My intention of having an original profile of a writer every Wednesday and a (likely retired) hippie each Saturday just never took off the way I’d desired. For starters, the project demands more attention that I’ve been able to muster, and then, to my surprise, many individuals I approached were simply too timid to participate.

The questions, though, have shifted to you, the readers, and are open to your comments – as are the daily photo postings.

The Talking Money series continues to investigate the emotional sides of personal finance, including time, wealth, labor, jobs, faith, values, and more. Again, your insights are reactions are invited.


One thing that’s not changing is our counterculture experience, even if it does take some unfamiliar twists as the year progresses.

Looking ahead, you can expect to meet Bill, Boss, Manny, and Fran beginning in mid-May. And they’ll take over the spotlight through the remainder of the year.

Please stay tuned. Or, as we said, Turn on, tune in, drop out (of the mainstream).